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The company KRIM-OIL began its commercial activities from 06.03.2014 to the present. a company whose shareholders are the largest oil producers/refineries in the Russian Federation. KRIM-OIL LLC is Currently one of the leading exporters of Russian petroleum products with a production capacity of 20 million tons of oil, which allows quickly and flexibly cope with large volumes of customer demand.

general management of sales of oil products, gas products and petrochemical products, at the company level in accordance with the strategy of top 5 in russian refineries and approved balances of oil supplies in the domestic market and the markets of the near and far abroad; organization of wholesale sales of oil products, gas products and petrochemical products, development of a retail network for the sale of oil and gas products; negotiating and organizing the conclusion of transactions for the subsidiaries and affiliates in the field of hydrocarbon processing and sale of products of its processing.

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KRIM-OIL exports a wide range of high quality petroleum products, including high-octane motor gasolines and diesel fuel of Euro 5 ecological class, jet fuel, fuel oil, liquefied gases, bitumen. The products of the factories are in great demand and are sold both in the domestic market and in the countries of near and far abroad. Among the Company's counterparties are residents of Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Afghanistan, China, Belarus, as well as Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Israel, Turkey, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Great Britain, Holland and the USA.


The enterprises of KRIM-OIL retail and sales block demonstrate high performance indicators and are leaders in many regional markets of the country. The Company's filling stations use advanced energy-saving technologies aimed at preserving and improving the environment. The sale of a wide range of fuel and related products, the provision of services at a high level are the main priorities of the KRIM OIL filling stations. The guaranteed high quality of petroleum products at filling stations is ensured by strict adherence to technological discipline and the requirements of regulatory documents when receiving, storing, transporting and dispensing petroleum products.
Currently, a program is being implemented to reformat TATNEFT filling stations with the expansion of stores offering a wide range of goods, as well as related services. Here customers can refresh themselves after a long journey in a cozy cafe, where they can buy hot dishes, delicious national pastries and aromatic grain coffee. For the comfort of drivers, express services are organized, provided depending on the season and time of day:



KRIM OIL develops the Dachnoye oil field, which infrastructure is actively being constructed. The Enterprise commenced the hydrocarbons delivery in the several system of oil trunk line. In 2015, the export duty relief for crude oil was provided for the Project as per the RF Government Decree.


Aviation fuel is produced for subsonic aircraft in accordance with GOST 10227-86 and for supersonic aviation in accordance with GOST 12308-89. For subsonic aviation, there are five fuel grades (TC-1, T-1, T-1S, T-2 and RT), for supersonic aviation - two (T-6 and T-8B)


Diesel fuel is a liquid petroleum fuel, which is a mixture of hydrocarbons, obtained from kerosene gas oil fractions of direct distillation of oil, used in diesel internal combustion engines and for gas turbine power plants. The main indicator of diesel fuel is the cetane number (L-45). The cetane number characterizes the ability of the fuel to ignite in the combustion chamber.

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